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Female HRT Training

Learn how to compound and dispense advanced female hormone therapies.

Are Doctors Calling Asking HRT Advice?

Not sure what to tell them?

Female HRT Training

Everyday doctors who prescribe hormone therapy for women call the pharmacist for advice on what hormone therapy to prescribe and how to prescribe it.

As you know, they do not teach female hormone replacement therapy in medical school.  And doctors are left in the dark on how to prescribe them for their patients so they call you for direction.

Now the outcome of how a woman thinks and feels is in your hands.

Balancing Hormones For Women Has Never Been Easier

Female HRT Training

We specialize in female hormone balancing solutions for HRT prescribers and compounding pharmacies. 

Female HRT Training

We Offer...

Compounding pharmacy education and training on formulating and dispensing PanaceaHRT, an advanced female HRT rhythmic system.

Education and training on how to advise doctors on which female HRT is best for their patients.

Education and clinical application training for your female hormone prescribers.

Hormone balancing education and clinical HRT coaching for your female patients.

Education and training for getting hormones balanced for women to the Hormone Sweet Spot.


Female HRT Training

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Female HRT Training

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Female HRT Training