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Elite female hormone restoration and optimal human balancing.


Advanced wellness for women specializing in elite female hormone restoration and optimal human balancing.

Our services, products, and experiences address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of well-being to help you optimize and sustain your mind, body, and happiness.

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Best Menopause Clinic

Female Longevity & Happiness

female longevity medicine

Longevity medicine is an advanced field of functional medicine that focuses on optimizing lifespan — how many years you live — and the quality of your mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health during those years.

Longevity medicine is typically conducted by a team of like-minded practitioners who utilize a multi-modality approach to female wellness which may include various tailored treatments such as:

  • Hormone restoration therapy
  • Dietary modifications
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Hormone peptide therapy
  • Timely and continuous lab monitoring
  • Targeted alternative medicine therapies

At Panacea Sciences' Female Longevity & Happiness Clinic, we use the Panacea Protocol™ foundation for all our programs which helps us target the most impactful aging and mood influencer in the female body — estrogen.

When women get enough of the right hormones — supported with a good diet and lifestyle program — it enhances their brain and body function and makes them happy for no real good reason most of the time.

Best Menopause Program
Best Menopause Program

Who We Help


Women Who Want to Feel Good Most of the Time for No Real Good Reason

We help generally healthy women between the ages of 25-65 restore and maintain optimal hormonal balance, increase longevity, and experience sustainable happiness.

We specialize in helping women who are experiencing or want to avoid...

  • Premature Perimenopause
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause

For women who never want to be hormonally out of balance again.

Our Unique Approach


We believe the key to female longevity and happiness is a woman's main sex hormone status.
We also believe every woman has a place of true hormonal balance where she cannot imagine feeling any better than she does, and her blood labs support how she feels. We call this the Hormone Sweet Spot™.
Our unique approach to successful and sustainable female longevity medicine begins with full hormone restoration using the most advanced HRT systems.
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Best Menopause Program

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Best Menopause Program