hormone coach training
Hormone Coach Training

Specialty-trained clinical female hormone replacement therapy coach.

hormone coach training

Are you a healthcare practitioner or health coach looking for clinical hormone coach training?

Learn to work with hormone doctors and clinically coach their female patients taking HRT to achieve and sustain the Hormone Sweet Spot™.


A Hormone Sweet Spot™ Coach is a healthcare practitioner or health coach uniquely trained on how to clinically coach and support women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and guide them through their hormone-balancing journey.

They act as a member of a three-way hormone-balancing team that includes the HRT prescribing physician and the patient.

The Hormone Sweet Spot™ Coach…

  • Offers a multi-module hormone balancing program engineered to assist women taking HRT and enhance clinical outcomes.
  • Works directly with hormone-prescribing physicians — in the physician’s office, virtually, or in private practice.
  • Offers one-on-one HRT hand-holding coaching sessions.
  • Acts as a patient triage medical assistant and offers clinical patient support for the HRT prescribing physician.
  • Instructs and guides patients on the right diet and lifestyle to support optimal hormone balancing and homeostasis.
  • Navigates the patients’ hormone balancing journey as they make the metamorphic transition to full hormone restoration, The Hormone Sweet Spot™.
  • Acts as a hormone balance maintenance coach to ensure hormonal balance for life.
  • Helps women find the right HRT physician for the right HRT protocol.
  • Forms life-long relationships as they help women indefinitely manage optimal hormonal balance.

Are you a healthcare practitioner or health coach experiencing any of the following?

Hormone Coach Training

Frustrated your patients/clients are not getting the results they should from being coached by you?

Your patients/clients are not losing weight and you don’t know what to do about it?

Took a hormone coach course and still know nothing about estrogen or female hormone balancing?

Suspect your patients'/clients' hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not working but no one is giving you any real answers?

Don’t know which doctor to send your patients/clients to for HRT?

Not sure how to talk to your patients/clients about estrogen?

Not sure what hormonal balance really means or how to achieve or sustain it?

Not sure how to order a female lab panel or regularly monitor female hormones? 

Don’t know what optimal female lab levels are or how to achieve them?

Not sure how to navigate your patients/clients to optimal hormone homeostasis?

Not taught in the other hormone coaching course about estrogen or how to balance it?

Do your patients/clients continue to have depression, anxiety, low energy, no motivation, or can't sleep after they do everything you say?

Can’t control carb and sugar cravings your patients/clients experience with diet, exercise, or supplements?

Don’t know how to increase your patients'/clients' sex drive no matter what you recommend?

Are your patients/clients doing everything right but still feel horrible?

Hormone Coach Training

If you are experiencing these issues in your practice, consider getting trained as a Hormone Sweet Spot™ coach.

Be a real hero to women and help them get their hormones balanced and keep them balanced for life.

Everything You Need to Be a Successful Clinical Hormone Coach

hormone coach training
hormone coach training

Education & Training

Get clinical hormone coach training and education.

hormone coach training

Clinical Apprenticeship

Get clinical female HRT coach hand-holding guidance.

hormone coach training

Practice Consulting

Build the hormone coaching practice of your dreams

hormone coach training
Hormone Coach Training