The Art & Science of

Clinical Hormone Coaching

Hormone Coach Training

Learn how to coach women taking HRT to optimal hormonal balance.

The Clinical Hormone Coach

Hormone Coach Training

A clinical hormone coach is a uniquely trained hormone coach who offers clinical support for women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) through their hormone-balancing process.

They act as a member of the hormone-balancing team that includes the HRT prescribing physician and the patient.

The clinical hormone coach…

  • Offers a multi-module hormone balancing program engineered to assist women taking HRT.
  • Works directly with hormone-prescribing physicians — in the physician’s office, virtually, or in private practice.
  • Acts as a patient triage assistant and offers clinical support for the HRT prescribing physician.
  • Instruct patients on the right diet and lifestyle to support optimal hormone balancing and homeostasis.
  • Navigates the patients’ hormone therapy journey as they transition to full hormone restoration.
  • Acts as a hormone balance maintenance coach to ensure hormonal balance for life.
  • Help women find the right HRT physician for the right HRT protocol.
  • Forms life-long relationships as they help women indefinitely manage hormonal balance.
Hormone Coach Training

Frustrated you are not getting the clinical results your patients should get from being coached by you?

Your patients aren’t losing weight, you know it’s their hormones but don’t know what to do about it?

Took a hormone course and still know nothing about female hormone balancing?

You suspect your patients’ hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not working but no one is giving you any real answers?

Don’t know which doctor to send your patients to for HRT?

Not sure how to talk to your patients about estrogen and other hormones?

Not sure what hormonal balance really means or how to achieve it?

Not sure what a female lab panel is or how to monitor hormones on a regular basis? 

Don’t know what optimal lab levels are or how to navigate your patient to optimal hormone homeostasis using labs and clinical indicator tracking?

You were not taught in the other hormone coaching course about estrogen or how to balance it correctly.

Your patients are still fat and continue to have depression, anxiety, low energy, no motivation, and a lack of will to participate in life after they do everything you say.

Can’t control the simple carb and sugar cravings in your patients with diet and exercise alone?

Don’t know how to increase your patients’ libido no matter what you recommend?

Your patients are on HRT but it’s not working like you think it should.

Not sure what to say to your patients when they complain their HRT is not working?

Your patients are doing everything right but they still feel horrible and can't lose weight.

Hormone Coach Training

If you are experiencing these issues in your practice, you may want to consider getting clinical hormone coach training to make your programs more clinically effective and sustainable.

Be a real hero to women and help them get their hormones balanced to the Hormone Sweet Spot™ and keep them balanced.

The only way to know if this training is right for you is to book a discovery consultation by using the button below.

Hormone Coach Training

The Art & Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching

Program & Apprenticeship

Hormone Coach Training

We offer two programs for your clinical hormone coach training needs.

The Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching

The foundational program to learn the basics of clinical hormone coaching for healthcare practitioners, health coaches, and physicians.

It is a pre-requisite program for the physician's female HRT clinical application training program and apprenticeship, and the clinical hormone coach apprenticeship.


The Art of Clinical Hormone Coaching

Clinical mentoring apprenticeship and personal hormone-balancing membership program for non-physicians* who are currently going through or have gone through, the Clinical Hormone Coach Training Program.

* Physicians have their own prescriber clinical mentoring program.


To learn more about our programs, training, and apprenticeships, book a complimentary consultation using the button below. 

Hormone Coach Training

Benefits of Your Efforts

Hormone Coach Training

When you take this training, you will have the knowledge to help your female patients balance their hormones for life. By applying the skills you learn in this training program, your patients will increase their ability to...

  • Lose weight quicker, keep weight off, and resculpt the body
  • Increase femininity, girly features, and overall softness in the demeanor and physical features
  • Get rid of hot flashes, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath
  • Get rid of depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger outbursts, negative ruminating thoughts
  • Get off of psychotropic and most other drugs 
  • Increase in natural organic energy that is sustainable throughout the day
  • Increase motivation, and willingness to participate in life and the challenges it brings
  • Get rid of insomnia, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rested ready to take on the day
  • Get rid of brain fog, increase executive function and decision-making skills
  • Increase sex drive, sexual response, increase number and intensity of orgasms
  • Increase nipple clitoral stimulation, vaginal lubrication, sexual fantasy, and sexual response
  • Get rid of migraines and headaches
  • Increase ability to connect with others, strong interconnectedness with self and others
  • Get rid of mood swings, anger outbursts, irrational behavior, bitterness
  • Increase overall sense of self, self-acceptance, self-work, self-esteem, and self-confidence

If you are not getting these results with your patients from your current program, you may want to consider upping your game. Set yourself apart as a clinical hormone coach specialist and get yourself trained by those who have been effectively and sustainably balancing hormones to the Hormone Sweet Spot™ for decades.

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The Science of Clinical Horomone Coaching

Hormone Coach Training

This program is not the same as other hormone coach training programs. It is not a program to teach you how to manage the symptoms of hormonal imbalance by selling tests and products. It is a program that teaches you how to coach women taking HRT to get rid of their hormonal imbalance altogether.

It is the only clinical hormone coaching program available. No one else offers training on how to coach patients taking HRT to optimal and sustainable hormonal balance.

This is a 12-week one-on-one clinical hormone coach training program that consists of 10 weekly instructional sessions and 2 business mentoring sessions.

Training Program FAQs

Hormone Coach Training

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level and truly want to help women, book a complimentary discovery consultation using the button below.

Hormone Coach Training

The Art of Clinical Horomone Coaching

Hormone Coach Training

Coaching patients taking therapeutic dosed HRT is a skill that is developed over time as you come to see how your patients respond to the hormone therapy they take.

Hormone therapy itself is a clinical tool used to enhance and modify the mind and body through signaling. As hormones are adjusted and the patient acclimates to them, they will feel it in their minds and bodies. The clinical hormone coach walks the patient through the hormone balancing process to the Hormone Sweet Spot™.

The Art of Clinical Hormone Coaching apprenticeship is the partnering clinical mentoring program to The Science of Clinical Hormone Coaching.

Features of apprenticeship...

Apprenticeship FAQs

Hormone Coach Training

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level and truly want to help women, book a complimentary discovery consultation using the button below.


One More Thing...

Hormone Coach Training

There is a proven technique and a process for getting hormones balanced and keeping them balanced for women.

The clinical hormone coach is instrumental in successfully guiding women on HRT through this hormone-balancing process.

The coaching you will learn is about helping women get rid of hormonal imbalance altogether, not merely managing the symptoms of it as other programs offer. 

You will learn how to clinically coach women on all forms of HRT and how to hold their hand through the hormone-balancing process to the Hormone Sweet Spot™.

You will learn how to take a woman from a state of hormonal imbalance to a state of optimal hormone homeostasis. This one supercritical difference will set you apart as a true changemaker for women.

No other program offers clinical HRT coaching. 

No other program is offered by someone who has ever worked with therapeutic-dosed HRT protocols before. Without this education and experience, they do not understand what clinically coaching patients on advanced HRT is like.

If you are a healthcare practitioner or health coach, and a female over 30, the smartest thing you can do for yourself and everyone in your personal and professional life is participate in this program. It will change your life forever.

To find out if this program is a good fit, book a discovery call.

Hormone Coach Training
Hormone Coach Training