Founded by Marie Hoäg, MBA in 2014, Panacea Sciences is based on 20+ years of education, training, research, and clinical experience working with thousands of female patients in a hormone specialty clinic.

It is from this information Panacea Sciences can offer the world’s most advanced and clinically effective and sustainable female hormone medicine program, and physician clinical application training and practice consulting.

Panacea Sciences is a health sciences and wellness company specializing in 

  • Full Female Hormone Restoration and Longevity Medicine — Our online practice, Panacea Sciences’ Female Longevity and Happiness Clinic offers life transforming hormone restoration programs for generally healthy women between 25-65.
  • Advanced Female Hormone Replacement Therapy Education — We offer foundational education on estrogen, full female hormone restoration, and female therapeutic dose rhythmic hormone therapy protocols.
  • Therapeutic Dose Rhythmic HRT Prescriber Application Training — We offer clinical application prescriber training in the technique and process of advanced female HRT protocols that achieve full clinical hormone restoration and maintenance.
  • Physician and Patient Clinical Coaching — We offer clinical hand-holding for prescribing physicians and their patients. We walk side by side with the physician as they learn the clinical technique in practice, and clinical coaching and hormone triaging for patients.
  • Clinical Hormone Coach Training and Apprenticeship — We offer the most advanced hormone coach training on the globe. Our training and apprenticeship for healthcare providers and health coaches teach healthcare professionals how to work with advanced female HRT trained prescribers clinically coaching their patients to the Hormone Sweet Spot.
  • Hormone Boutique Practice Development and Consulting — We offer hormone practice building


We Believe

We believe every woman has a Hormone Sweet Spot where she cannot imagine feeling any better than she does and her lab work concurs with how she feels.

We also believe 80-85% of the mental and physical ailments women go to the doctor for today can be prevented and/or reversed to varying degrees with the right natural medicine program and the right team of providers.